"Wheel Nuts" is the first episode of the McLaren animated series Tooned. It aired on July 8, 2012, on the weekend of the 2012 British Grand Prix.


Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button arrive at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking in their McLaren F1s. Professor M asks if they have been racing, and the boys quickly deny it.

M takes the drivers downstairs to show them the new McLaren MP4-27. Lewis questions why there is only one car, and M replies that it is to test the modifications. Jenson wins at a coin toss, and gets to test the car.

However, this prompts Lewis to equip a buggy with missiles from an MPX-27 prototype and catch up with Jenson, but the missiles explode just after M informs Lewis about them, destroying Jenson's McLaren in the process. They both race to the finish line using the car's super-super soft tyres as space hoppers, crossing it at the same time, to which M suggests to the audience to call it a tie. Afterwards, Jenson asks "Got anything else we can test?", and M shows no amusement.


  • Nigel Mansell is referenced in this episode, when the Tour Guide shows off one of his original moustaches to some tourists.
  • The purple colour of the "super-supersoft tyres" that were seen in the episode would later be used, in real life, for the ultrasoft tyres that were introduced in 2016.

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