Experimental Liberty 45° V8 aircraft engine from around 1920

Climax FWMV 1500

1962 Coventry Climax FWMV 1500cc V8 Formula One engine in a Lotus 24

A V8 engine is a type of eight cylinder engine. It has two banks of four inline cylinders sharing a common crankshaft, in a manner that resembles the letter "V" when viewed from either end. All eight pistons drive a single crankshaft.

The majority of V8 engines have their banks of cylinders at right angles (90°) from each other, with other angles commonly used being 72°, 60° and 45°.

Formula One teams who used V8 enginesEdit

Team Years
France AGS 19871991
Italy Alfa Romeo 19831985
United Kingdom Arrows/Footwork 19781984, 19891991, 19941996
United Kingdom Benetton 19881994
United Kingdom Brabham 19621975, 19791982, 19891990, 1992
United Kingdom BRM 19621967
Italy Coloni 19871991
United Kingdom Cooper 19611965
United Kingdom Ensign 19731982
Italy EuroBrun 19881990
Italy Ferrari 19551957, 19641965
Italy Forti 19951996
Ireland Jordan 1991
Italy Lancia 19541955
France Ligier 19791980, 1983, 19881990
United Kingdom Lotus 19621983, 1989, 19911993
United Kingdom March/Leyton House 19701977, 19811982, 19871990
France Matra 19681969
United Kingdom McLaren 19661983, 1993
Germany Mercedes 19541955 (as L8)
Italy Osella 19841988
United States Penske 19741976
Switzerland Sauber 1995
United States Shadow 19731980
United Kingdom Tyrrell 19701985, 19871990, 1997
United Kingdom Williams 19771983, 1988
United Kingdom Wolf 19771979

Note: From 2006 (with the exception of Toro Rosso) until 2013, all teams used V8 engines.

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