1926 BMW model VI aircraft engine

Matra MS11 (3)

Matra MS11 from 1968

A V12 is a type of internal combustion engine, with twelve cylinders. The cylinders are in two banks, with a common crankshaft, which forms a "V" shape when viewed from either end. The banks are often at a 60° angle to each other, although 75° and 90° configurations are common.

Formula One teams who used V12 enginesEdit

Team Years
Italy Alfa Romeo 19791982
United Kingdom Brabham 19761979, 1991
United Kingdom BRM 19681977
United Kingdom Cooper 19661969
Italy Dallara 19921993
Italy Ferrari 19501952, 19641980 (as Flat-twelve), 19891995
United Kingdom Footwork 1991 (Rounds 1–6)
Japan Honda 19641968
Ireland Jordan 1992
Italy Lambo 1991
France Larrousse 19891990, 19921993
Italy Life 1990 (as W12, Rounds 1–12)
France Ligier 19761978, 19811982, 1991
United Kingdom Lotus 1990
Italy Maserati 1957
France Matra 1968, 19701972
United Kingdom McLaren 19671968, 19911992
Italy Minardi 19911992
Italy Osella 19831984
United Kingdom Shadow 1975 (Rounds 12–13)

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