I've now been here long enough to get a feel for things, and the direction that my edits have been going in. My primary edits are going to be for the 1969 through 1972 seasons, due to my having access to the tremendously detailed 'Motor Racing Year' books by Anthony Pritchard. I currently own the books for 1969, 1971 and 1972, and am on the prowl for an affordable 1970 edition. It's a shame that he did not write any more of them. I check and supplement the data with sources like, Racing and even (gasp!) Wikipedia, just to make sure that I don't have to make a lot of changes later. My race pages so far have been just background, entries, qualifying times and results, but there will be at least one more pass through to add the tale of qualifying and the races itself.

Once I get through that period, I will work my way out, using the terrific Grand Prix history books by Mike Lang. Not as detailed, but certainly a great reference.

I'm also a big fan of courses in general, and every once in a while I decide to research a missing track, or with a very limited entry. That will be an ongoing project, and extra care will be taken with the eight tracks that I have had the privilege of visiting (all in North America), three of which were actually for GPs.

A longer term goal is the racing from before 1950. It's not Formula One as we know it, but it's worth adding to the database.

And some days I just click on 'Random page', just to see what comes up, and are there any obvious spelling errors.

Granted, my view from northern California (or, part of the time, northwestern Oregon) is somewhat distant, but I think of it as perspective. And I hope that my contributions are someday seen as useful and important.

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