The qualifying was both interesting and disappointing. The mixed weather conditions made me interested with some of the slow cars temporarily being in the top ten or in the top three in the first two sessions, like Sergio Pérez, Nico Hülkenberg, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Nasr being in the top four for the first start of Q1 along with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton both being in the knockout zone at the time. Now, I know that I am a fan of Hamilton, but I imagined that if qualifying could not be restarted at all, it would have been interesting. Of course, it was restarted because of the rain easing, but I was still glad that Hamilton went out of the knockout zone. I even liked how Nasr was fastest in the second restart of Q1 while the track was still wet. I was surprised to see Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Massa crash out in different parts of the session, both causing red flags. I was predicting that there would be a third crash and another red flag, and I was right, that being Rio Haryanto. I am glad all three drivers are okay, but Massa's crash interested me with the fact that we would have one of the front runners near the back. Also, I was interested to see Alonso third fastest at the end of Q1, even Pérez and Nasr to be at the top temporarily at the start of Q2, and Alonso being temporarily fastest during Q2, and eventually being fourth. Also, I felt glad Hamilton was safe, having been tenth fastest in Q2 after having a lockup, plus another front runner to be out of the top ten, Kimi Räikkönen. I was also proud of McLaren getting both Alonso and Jenson Button into Q3, being the first time both McLaren cars got into Q3 since 2014. In the first part of Q3, I was happy that Hamilton was fastest at the time, but I became devastated when the session ended, as Rosberg went fastest while Hamilton could not improve his faster time due to yellow flags which had been caused by Alonso spinning. This would mean Hamilton was second fastest, which I hope he can fight for the win in the race. However, I am glad that McLaren have got Alonso and Button qualified seventh and eighth respectively.

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