The 2016 Chinese Grand Prix was good, just that I do believe it was a bit exciting for Lewis Hamilton to progress through the race from last pace, although I thought that if it were not for Felipe Nasr colliding with him when trying to avoid Kimi Räikkönen on the first lap, Hamilton would have made up a few more spaces if his car's undercarriage was not damaged by his broken front wing. In fact, if he did win from last place, I would have deemed it as one of my favourite races. However, I thought that the safety car did help him catch up to the rest of the drivers, and still had Nasr, Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean to battle with after he and all of those drivers pitted for new front wings on the first lap. Also, I was very interested by Fernando Alonso, Pascal Wehrlein, Rio Haryanto and Jolyon Palmer being in the top ten just before the safety car came in, but I knew that it would only be short-lived, all because it was only the start of the race and the cars of McLaren, Manor and Renault are not as fast as the other cars, which Alonso noted after the race that they were not quick enough in China and were not helped by the safety car, and I am a person who not only hopes for Hamilton to win races, but also for slow teams to get into the points. I was even interested for Daniel Ricciardo to take the lead at the start of the race, because I was hoping that Nico Rosberg would receive less points, but it obviously did not happen because of Ricciardo's tyre blowout. Again, if Hamilton did not have the parts on the bottom of his car damaged, he would have finished higher and not get overtaken by Ricciardo, and I also hope that it did not damage his gearbox, though it looks like it might not have, because I am hoping for Hamilton to do better in Russia, without another unscheduled gearbox change that gives drivers five-place grid penalties. However, I believe I am a bit interested that Daniil Kvyat scored his second podium.

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