I have enjoyed watching the 2015 United States Grand Prix on BBC Sport, especially when Formula One would have a race in America, as I like to wonder how many Americans are fans of Formula One.

I was pleased with Lewis Hamilton getting into the lead on the first lap, although I was worried if he would get penalised for squeezing Nico Rosberg out, because of remembering other moments from the past years where drivers get penalised for forcing another driver from a different team off the track, such as with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso in the 2012 Italian Grand Prix, and Kevin Magnussen and Alonso in the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix.

I was even surprised that the Red Bull would be in the top four for the start of the race, but was also glad to see after the safety car periods that Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso were in the points for McLaren, as well as for Alexander Rossi to be in twelfth place for Marussia in his home country. I was pleased when Rosberg had his mistake afterwards that cost him the lead, but keeping him in front of Sebastian Vettel so that Hamilton is able to win the championship, which I even thought Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen's penalties had that chance increased. I was surprised that Alonso was just overtaken by Daniel Ricciardo on the final lap for tenth place, but was still glad that Button finished sixth especially that I know my mother appears to be a fan of him (having finished seventh originally, but Carlos Sainz, Jr. had a five-second time penalty for speeding in the pit lane, which would put Button up to sixth).

I also feel it is great to have another celebrity, Elton John, giving the podium interviews. I was even glad for Hamilton to win the championship, especially in the United States, as when I live in the United Kingdom, I would wonder how America's newspapers would mention it, as well as wondering what Hamilton's ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger thinks (which I hope they reconcile), although we have not heard any word from her yet, but anyway, I am very glad for Hamilton to set more records, like being the first British driver to get back-to-back titles.

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