I have enjoyed the 2015 British Grand Prix, having watched it on BBC Sport. I also feel sad about it having already ended, because of my dreams to meet Lewis Hamilton.

I was like "Come on, Hamilton!" when he was overtook by Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas, and felt glad with when he made a pit stop before them and Nico Rosberg, as he was in front of all three drivers after they took their first pit stops. I also felt shamed for Jenson Button when he had to retire following damage from a collision, as he is one of my mother's favourite British F1 drivers. However, I was glad that his teammate Fernando Alonso managed to finish 10th so to give another point to McLaren, as it made me think that the team are suffering from technical problems throughout the season. Of course, I was very happy for Hamilton to win in his home country once again.

I also feel sorry for the singer Alesha Dixon, when other people slammed her on the Internet for using an American accent while singing Britain's national anthem, and when they say that she changed the last lyrics, I am sure that she did say "our", just in a different way.

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