After the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix, I am glad that my favourite driver Lewis Hamilton has won the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix without getting a bad start. It would also even make him safe for the championship with more than 25 points over Nico Rosberg. I was impressed about Rosberg dropping back at the start, with the main reason being that I am glad there was no repeat of the memorable moment from last year which was each other's collision.

Additionally, I was hoping that Sergio Pérez would keep second place and give Force India their third podium, but when he did not, I feel interested by what he had said to the BBC after the race, about improving for Italy.

I was also interested with Romain Grosjean getting his and Lotus's first podium since the 2013 United States Grand Prix after Sebastian Vettel had one of his tyres blow up, which I did not expect him to argue that Pirelli is responsible for the incident, because I thought it is to do with Ferrari going on a one-stop strategy. Even I do remember, as they had stated after the race, that Grosjean had a one-race ban back in 2012 for the crash in that season's Belgian Grand Prix, but I am still glad that another driver from the mid-field teams has got a podium and appear at the podium ceremony after a while.

I was also giving hopes for Valtteri Bottas to finish well because my family likes his surname, and felt surprised that Williams had one of the tyres from Bottas' pit stop being incorrect, which would give him a drive-through penalty and have him finish ninth.

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