"Track to the Future" is the third episode of the McLaren animated series Tooned. It aired on July 29, 2012, on the weekend of the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix.


Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button arrive at the McLaren Technology Centre, which Professor M was interested to see that they arrived four tenths of a second earlier. Today, M has a plan of showing Lewis and Jenson the future of Formula One, but also warns them that because the technology that is going to be shown is top secret, none of it must leave the building. As they go down the lift, the Tour Guide shows some tourists a few of the spare "K"'s from Mika Häkkinen's name.

Arriving in the testing room, Professor M tells the two drivers that he will show them the car from 2020 and beyond. First, they need to wear some special helmets that allow drivers to control the car by thought along with having an augmented reality display which provides a complete analysis of track conditions and a run-down of rival drivers.

Next, he shows them that the car uses a new lubricant developed at Mobil 1, with a single drop able to last for one season, spreading across the floor of the room. Interested in this, Lewis and Jenson play skidsies on the lubricant, leaving M unimpressed. Lewis then does the moonwalk as he scans M, noticing a patience graph going down, and then bumps into Jenson, setting off the inbuilt airbags, which then get popped by some mechanical arms.

Professor M then shows Lewis and Jenson the car's engine, which is as small as a sugar cube. Finally, the car is shown, having the ability to float without the need of wheels. Lewis then goes into the car to try it out, being reminded by M that it is controlled by thoughts. Ignoring his rule to not think about racing, Lewis flies out of the McLaren Technology Centre and towards Sweden. As the car had left the building, M gets Jenson to catch Lewis by firing up Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 1, which is actually the building itself.


  • The episode's title is a reference to Back to the Future.


  • In the long shot of the Tour Guide while Lewis, Jenson and Professor M go down the lift, the white-suited American businessman is not seen, but he appears all of a sudden in the close-up when the Tour Guide's punch line is delivered.
  • When Professor M is scanned by Lewis' futuristic helmet display, Lewis' race statistics are shown instead of M's, although they show that M did 84 races, one less than Lewis.
  • When Lewis and Jenson come together after sliding on the oil, Lewis is on the left while Jenson is on the right. However, when Professor M approaches them (with the camera facing the other way), they have swapped positions.

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