Formula One RecordEdit

Team nameEdit

Years Name
1969 Tecno Racing Team (F2)
19721973 Martini Racing


Only works Brabham results are included.

Drivers' champions in bold.

Drivers in a medium blue background are driving Formula Two cars.

Year Cars Engine Tires Drivers Rounds WWC Results Report
1969 TF69 Ford Cosworth FVA D France François Cevert 7 0 (NC) Report
1972 PA123 Tecno Series-P F Italy Nanni Galli 5, 7, 9-10 0 (NC) Report
United Kingdom Derek Bell 6, 8, 10-12
1973 PA123B Tecno Series-P F New Zealand Chris Amon 5-6, 9-10, 12 1 (11th) Report

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