Stefano Domenicali is an Italian Manager and businessman who had worked for the Ferrari motor company since 1991. Domenicalli has been involved in Formula One since 1996 when he was promoted to Team Manager of the Scuderia Ferrari team. At the beginning of 2001 he was promoted to Logistics Manager, however it was in 2002 that Domenicalli would be promoted to join the senior management of the Ferrari team. At the beginning of the year he took on the role of Sporting Director, a position he held until 2007 when it was announced he was taking over the overall leadership of the Ferrari team as Team Principal, a position he held until his resignation in 2014.

Formula One CareerEdit

Years Team Position
1996-2001 Scuderia Ferrari Team Manager
2001 Scuderia Ferrari Logistics Manager
2002-2007 Scuderia Ferrari Sporting Director
2008-2014 Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal


Apart of the Scuderia Ferrari Championship winning team:

  • 1999: Constructors World Champions
  • 2000: Drivers and Constructors World Champions
  • 2001: Drivers and Constructors World Champions
  • 2002: Drivers and Constructors World Champions
  • 2003: Drivers and Constructors World Champions
  • 2004: Drivers and Constructors World Champions
  • 2007: Drivers and Constructors World Champions
  • 2008: Constructors World Champions

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