"Slicks" is the second episode of the McLaren animated series Tooned. It aired on July 22, 2012, on the weekend of the 2012 German Grand Prix.


Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are planning to go to a movie premiere. As they arrive at the McLaren Technology Centre, Lewis asks Jenson to shave, noticing that his beard has grown. As they go down the lift with Professor M, the Tour Guide shows the tourists James Hunt's original jockstrap, only to see one of the tourists faint.

M takes the drivers to the testing room so to go through some safety features. First, he has them test out the new g-force suits while being held by mechanical arms spinning them around, but gets unhappy when he notices Jenson tweeting on his mobile phone.

Next, the three men move onto the McLaren MP4-27 car. Just as Lewis gets into it to test it, M warns him that it has significant alterations. While M tries to explain that one example is the DRS button being changed to activate the ejector seat, Lewis suddenly gets ejected out of the building, with the seat activating a parachute before he lands into the lake. The soot from the flames of the ejector seat's rockets goes onto Jenson's face, before it then gets hit by foam from the car's new automated fire extinguisher unit.

Lewis arrives back in the room, having picked up some of the algae, a starfish and piece of seaweed from the lake. Jenson notes that he sees Lewis is rocking his beach look, and Lewis replies saying that he sees Jenson has finally decided to shave. Noticing that the two drivers are going to the premiere, Professor M gets the mechanics to make them clean and dress them up in tuxedos, preparing them to leave.

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