Bernd Mayländer, the current SC driver

The safety car driver, since 2000, has been the German touring car driver Bernd Mayländer, who has appeared at every race weekend except the 2001 Canadian Grand Prix, where he was replaced by Marcel Fässler. First introduced in 1973, the safety car was officially introduced during the 1993 season.

Safety Car Driver historyEdit

Eppie Wietzes, a former F1 privateer from Canada, was the first ever safety car driver at the 1973 Canadian Grand Prix, with disastrous results.

Next, the Monaco Grand Prix had the Lamborghini Countach, but it is not known who drove the car during this time.

Italian racing driver Max Angelelli was a driver of the car during the 1990's, most notably the ill-fated 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. In this race, he drove an Opel Vectra.

It is unknown who drove the Renault Clio Williams safety car in 1996 or the Mercedes-Benz car in Belgium.

Oliver Gavin, who failed to get a super licence, made a living as the Safety Car driver from 1997-1999, before Bernd Mayländer took over from 2000. Mayländer has been tasked with driving the car at every grand prix since then, except for the 2001 Canadian Grand Prix, where he was injured and Swiss DTM driver Marcel Fässler took over.

Mayländer's current co-driver is British FIA employee, and FIA Fuel Analyst, Peter Tibbetts.

Safety car driversEdit

Name Duration Notes
Canada Eppie Wietzes 1973 First safety car driver in F1; drove Porsche 914 at 1973 Canadian Grand Prix
Italy Max Angelelli 1994 Drove an Opel Vectra at 1994 San Marino Grand Prix
United Kingdom Oliver Gavin 1997-1999
Germany Bernd Mayländer 2000-present Current safety car driver
Switzerland Marcel Fässler 2001 One race replacement for injured Mayländer at 2001 Canadian Grand Prix

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