When it was confirmed that there would be an Australian Grand Prix for the 1985 Formula One Season, Nine Network announced it would begin to broadcast all Formula One races in full for the first time within Australia. Prior to 1985 few races were shown on television and were usually only brief highlights of Formula One races and rarely the full coverage.

Darrell Eastlake was brought in to head the Formula One coverage with Australian viewers taking a commentary feed from the BBC Sport F1 coverage headed by Murray Walker and James Hunt. In 1987 recently retired Formula One driver and Australian F1 World Champion Alan Jones joined the Nine Network coverage line-up where he was also joined by British Motorcycle champion Barry Sheene.

The trio would lead the Nine Network coverage until 2002 when Nine Network lost the F1 broadcasting rights to Network TEN. 

Commentary Line-UpEdit

Role Name Duration
Anchor Darrell Eastlake 1985-2002
Pundit Alan Jones 1987-2002
Barry Sheene 1987-2002
Pit Lane Reporter Jonathan Palmer 1990-1993
Tony Jardine 1993-1996
James Allen 1997-2001
Ted Kravitz 2002
Paddock Reporter Louise Goodman 1997-2002
Lead Commentator Murray Walker 1985-2001
James Allen 2002
Co-Commentator James Hunt 1985-1993
Jonathan Palmer 1993-1996
Martin Brundle 1997-2002

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