Network TEN has held the Formula One broadcasting rights to the Grand Prix coverage since 2003 after taking over from Nine Network. In 2009, Network TEN's subsidary channel ONE began broadcasting F1 as the main Formula One channel for Australian broadcasting. 

The Australian punditry has consisted of several notable Australian motor sports legends alumni broadcasting from a studio within Australia.  

Commentary Line-UpEdit

Role Name Duration
Anchor Bill Woods 2003-2006
Greg Rust 2007-Present
Pundit Neil Crompton 2003-2006
Cameron McConville 2007-2009
Daryl Beattie 2009-Present
Peter Windsor 2009-2010
Craig Baird 2010-2012
James Allen 2011-Present
Tom Clarkson 2011-Present
Alan Jones 2013-Present
Pit Lane Reporter Ted Kravitz 2003-Present
Paddock Reporter Louise Goodman 2003-2008
Lee McKenzie 2009-2011
Natalie Pinkham 2012-Present
Lead Commentator James Allen 2003-2008
Jonathan Legard 2009-2010
Martin Brundle 2011
David Croft 2012-Present
Co-Commentator Martin Brundle 2003-2010
David Coulthard 2011
Martin Brundle 2012-Present

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