Moss can refer to three people:

"Moss" redirects to Stirling Moss.

  • Alfred Moss (1896–1972), a racing driver who competed in the 1924 Indianapolis 500, and was the father of Stirling.
  • Bill Moss (1933–2010), who was a racing driver who raced once in F1, at the 1959 British Grand Prix. He did not qualify. He was unrelated to Alfred and Stirling.
  • Stirling Moss (b. 1929), a former racing driver who is often called "the greatest driver never to win the Wolrd Championship". Racing for many teams from 1951 and 1961, Moss finished runner-up four times (19551958) and third in his final three years of F1. A large crash before the 1962 season ended his career. He is the son of Alfred.

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