The medical car driver, since 2009, has been South African racing driver Alan van der Merwe, who has appeared at every race weekend since then.

Medical Car Driver historyEdit

During the 2000s, former Brazilian Grand Prix racer Alex Ribero drove the car. One time, he was lucky to escape with his life, after he opened the car door and Nick Heidfeld smashed into it as he was about to get out of the car.

Former Le Mans driver Jacques Tropenat drove the car until late 2008 after he caught an illness. Filling in his role for the rest of the year was first, Alexander Wurz in Singapore, then Sébastien Buemi for the last three races.

Since 2009, the driver of the car is van der Merwe, the 2003 British Formula 3 Champion.

Medical car driversEdit

Name Duration Notes
Brazil Alex Ribeiro 2000s
France Jacques Tropenat 2000s-2008
Austria Alexander Wurz 2008 Drove the car at Singapore Grand Prix
Switzerland Sébastien Buemi 2008 Drove the car at Japanese Grand Prix, Chinese Grand Prix, and Brazilian Grand Prix
South Africa Alan van der Merwe 2009-present Current medical car driver

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