Maria Grazia 'Lella' Lombardi (March 26, 1941 - March 3, 1992) was an Italian female racing driver the second woman to start a Formula One race, after Maria Teresa de Filippis in 1958, and the last woman to do so to date.

Lombardi made history for two reasons at the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix - she was the first woman to score points in a Grand Prix, and the first driver to score a career total of 0.5 points, after the accident of Rolf Stommelen which stopped the Grand Prix before half-distance, remaining the only person to achieve either of these.

She has also driven the highest number on a Formula One car - #208, which was used on her debut at the 1974 British Grand Prix, but did not qualify.

Lombardi died of breast cancer three weeks before her 51st birthday.

Sporting Positions
2nd female driver in Formula One
Preceded by
Italy Maria Teresa de Filippis
Lella Lombardi (1974-76) Succeded by
United Kingdom Divina Galica

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