Keith Holland (born December 6, 1935) is a Former Formula One non-championship driver, who competed in various races in a Formula 5000 Car. He won his debut race, the 1969 Madrid Grand Prix.

Formula One Statistical OverviewEdit

Formula One RecordEdit

Note: Italics donate non-championship entreats.

Year Entreat Team WDC Points WDC Pos.
1969 Alan Fraser Racing Team Lola-Chevrolet Non-championship only
1971 Privateer McLaren-Chevrolet Non-championship only
1972 Privateer McLaren-Chevrolet Non-championship only
Sid Taylor Chevron-Chevrolet
1973 Ian Ward Racing Trojan-Chevrolet Non-championship only
1974 Ian Ward Racing Trojan-Chevrolet Non-championship only

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