The Honda RA302 was built by Honda Racing and entered in the 1968 French Grand Prix by Honda France, on the orders of Soichiro Honda, who wanted to develop an air-cooled 3 liter Formula One engine. Honda wished to prove that they could build a Formula One car from the ground up, as it was well known that the team's existing RA301 chassis was built by Lola.


Schlesser's crash on lap 2 of the French GP

Complete Formula One ResultsEdit

YearEntreatDriversTires123456789101112WCC PointsWCC Pos.
1968 Flag of South Africa 1928-1994 Flag of Spain 1945 1977 Flag of Monaco Flag of Belgium Flag of the Netherlands Flag of France Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Italy Flag of Canada Flag of the United States Flag of Mexico
Honda Racing France Jo SchlesserF Ret 14[1] 6th


  1. All 14 points scored by Honda RA301 entries.

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