Giovanni Amadeo was an Italian mechanic for Osella who died on 18 May 1981, three days after being hit by the Williams of Carlos Reutemann at the 1981 Belgian Grand Prix. He was just 21 years old.


During Friday practice for the 1981 Belgian Grand Prix, Amadeo fell from the pit wall into Reutemann's path. The incident was a major shock to the Formula One community, with Amadeo having suffered a double skull fracture and, though attempts to resuscitate him in the ambulance were successful, he was not expected to survive. He was rushed to hospital in a very grave state, but died the Monday after the race.

Furthermore, Arrows mechanic Dave Luckett was injured whilst trying to restart Riccardo Patrese's car on the startline when he was hit by the second Arrows of Siegfried Stohr. Fortunately enough, Luckett survived, but Amadeo was not so lucky. These incidents led the mechanics for the other teams to protest over the safety measures protecting them, which was soon joined by several drivers who left their cars.


Despite the initial shock of having run the mechanic over during practice, an emotional Reutemann won his second race of the season, and the final Grand Prix win of his career.

Sadly, tragedy repeated itself in the following year's Grand Prix following the death of Gilles Villeneuve in qualifying.

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