The Formula One Teams Association, usually referred to as FOTA, was a group of Formula One constructors that attempted to give the teams a united voice in discussions with the FIA and with the Formula One Group. It was formed on 29 July 2008 at Maranello and disbanded on 28 February 2014. It was headed by Martin Whitmarsh.

The association initially consisted of all the teams competing in F1 at the time. During the FIA–FOTA dispute, in which FOTA threatened to set up a rival championship, Williams and Force India were suspended from the association for sending unconditional entries to the FIA to continue competing in Formula One rather than competing in FOTA's series. Eventually, the remaining FOTA teams submitted unconditional entries and both Williams and Force India had their suspensions revoked. The new teams joined in November 2009, but Hispania Racing were expelled in December 2010 for not paying the annual membership fee. In December 2011, Red Bull, Ferrari, Sauber and Toro Rosso all left the association.

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