By countryEdit

Country First driver(s) Grand Prix
Argentina Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio 1950 British Grand Prix
Australia Australia Tony Gaze 1952 Belgian Grand Prix
Austria Austria Jochen Rindt 1964 Austrian Grand Prix
Belgium Belgium Johnny Claes 1950 British Grand Prix
Canada/Canada Canada Peter Ryan 1961 United States Grand Prix
Chile Chile Eliseo Salazar 1981 United States Grand Prix West
Colombia Colombia Ricardo Londoño
Qualifier: Roberto Guerrero
1981 Brazilian Grand Prix
Czech Republic Czech Republic Tomáš Enge 2001 Italian Grand Prix
Denmark Denmark Tom Belsø 1973 Swedish Grand Prix
Germany East Germany Rudolf Krause
Ernst Klodwig
1952 German Grand Prix
Finland Finland Leo Kinnunen 1974 Belgian Grand Prix
France France Yves-Giraud Cabantous
Eugène Martin
Louis Rosier
Philippe Étancelin
1950 British Grand Prix
Germany Germany Paul Pietsch 1950 Italian Grand Prix
Hungary Hungary Zsolt Baumgartner 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix
India India Narain Karthikeyan 2005 Australian Grand Prix
Indonesia Indonesia Rio Haryanto 2016 Australian Grand Prix
Ireland Ireland Joe Kelly 1950 British Grand Prix
Italy Italy Nino Farina
Luigi Fagioli
1950 British Grand Prix
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Rikky von Opel 1973 French Grand Prix
Malaysia Malaysia Alex Yoong 2001 Italian Grand Prix
Mexico Mexico Ricardo Rodríguez 1961 Italian Grand Prix
Monaco Monaco Louis Chiron 1950 British Grand Prix
Netherlands Netherlands Jan Flinterman
Dries van der Lof
1952 Dutch Grand Prix
New Zealand New Zealand Bruce McLaren 1958 German Grand Prix
Rhodesia Rhodesia John Love 1962 South African Grand Prix
Russia Russia Vitaly Petrov 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix
South Africa South Africa Tony Maggs 1961 British Grand Prix
Spain/Spain/Spain Spain Paco Godia
Juan Jover
1951 Spanish Grand Prix
Switzerland Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried 1950 British Grand Prix
Thailand Thailand Prince Bira 1950 British Grand Prix
United Kingdom United Kingdom Reg Parnell
Peter Walker
Leslie Johnson
Bob Gerard
Cuth Harrison
David Hampshire
Geoffrey Crossley
David Murray
Joe Fry
1950 British Grand Prix
United States/United States/United States United States Harry Schell 1950 Monaco Grand Prix

By yearEdit

Year Country
1950 Argentina, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Thailand, United States
1951 Brazil, Spain
1952 Australia, Germany (East), Netherlands, Uruguay
1956 Sweden
1958 New Zealand
1959 Portugal
1960 Venezuela
1961 Canada, Mexico, South Africa
1962 Rhodesia
1964 Austria
1973 Denmark, Liechtenstein
1974 Finland
1975 Japan
1981 Chile, Colombia
2001 Czech Republic, Malaysia
2003 Hungary
2005 India
2006 Poland
2010 Russia
2016 Indonesia

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