"Beyond the Limit" is the fourth episode of the McLaren animated series Tooned. It aired on September 2, 2012, on the weekend of the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix.


At the McLaren Technology Centre, the Tour Guide is showing to the tourists an old Formula One crash helmet made from Harris Tweed. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, who are entering, start to mention about drivers driving at fast speeds with that kind of helmet, which Jenson then notes that the technology must have been different back then, especially with no testing. They come across Professor M, who tells them that there are times for testing and racing, adding that Lewis and Jenson will be racing, leaving the two drivers surprised.

Lewis and Jenson get excited as they prepare to start on the test track in the centre, but then start to wonder what is happening when they immediately find out that both their cars are going slowly. M explains to them that limiters have been put on the cars, making their max speed four miles per hour. He adds, after Lewis asks if he calls this racing, that it is called "test racing", which he can test while the drivers race.

Pressing a new button on the steering wheels, the drivers find out that a sat-nav has been added by M, along with a personal motivational assistant that automatically senses when the drivers' energy levels are low, although M notices that it needs updating when it leaves a sausage roll in the gap of Lewis' visor. Lewis complains that it has made his car smell like a sausage, before the system makes an air freshener pop out. Next, the system gives Jenson a massage after he tells Lewis to chill out, which Jenson states that he enjoys it. Professor M then decides to make it more challenging by making an artificial rain cloud form and pour rain onto the drivers, turning on the wipers that were added to the helmets.

With Jenson wondering how to turn the cars off, Lewis notices a red button, which M then forbids them to press it, as it is the experimental reverse gear. However, they both use it when he tells them that it does not have a limiter on it as well, which impresses them on being able to race at normal speed while backwards, but also annoys Professor M. The fun soon ends when M gets Nigel, one of the mechanics, to use the Traculator, which is a version of a treadmill on the start/finish line. The cars get stuck as they go on it, and M leaves to have lunch, wishing the drivers good luck to get out. As he exits, another mechanic, who is carrying a pile of boxes, walks along and steps onto the Traculator, which causes him to fly off.


  • This is the last episode to feature the Tour Guide.

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