The Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez is a race track, built on marshy land in the heart of Buenos Aires. The circuit was constructed in 1952 as a works project by Argentine President Juan Peron. The circuit is the only track to host the Argentine Grand Prix, which ran 20 times between 1953 and 1998.

Circuit HistoryEdit

Circuit LayoutsEdit

The circuit is run clockwise, with several loops and extensions off of a rounded triangle. Since the track is built on reclaimed marshland, maintaining a smooth surface has been an issue, and the organizers did not seem to be interested in repaving the track each year.

Previous LayoutsEdit

Number 2Edit

The original course was Number 2. A simple lap around the triangle, with a very wide sweeping right hander, then after a short straight, a sharper right. A tight 180° led into a deviation along the back straight into the infield, and down to a wide 180° turn near the west entrance. All major races used this course until the 1960s.

Number 9Edit

When international racing returned to Argentina in the early 70s, it was originally on the new Number 9 circuit. The only changes were to shorten the leg out by the west entrance (which was now a wide spectator plaza) and tighten the left hander before the pits. This knocked more than half of a kilometer off of the lap distance.

Number 15Edit

Current Edit

The most recent circuit was a modified Number 6. Very similar to the early 70s Number 9, except for an irregular loop behind the pits. And the back straight loop used by all previous circuits had a new chicane at the exit, called the 'Senna S' (S de Senna).

Event historyEdit

The following is a list of Formula One events held at the Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálves:

Year Driver Constructor Location Report
1998 Germany Michael Schumacher Ferrari Circuito No.6
1997 Canada Jacques Villeneuve Williams-Renault Report
1996 United Kingdom Damon Hill Williams-Renault Report
1995 United Kingdom Damon Hill Williams-Renault Report

Not held
1981 Brazil Nelson Piquet Brabham-Ford Circuito No.15 Report
1980 Australia Alan Jones Williams-Ford Report
1979 France Jacques Laffite Ligier-Ford Report
1978 United States Mario Andretti Lotus-Ford Report
1977 South Africa Jody Scheckter Wolf-Ford Report
1976 Not held
1975 Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren-Ford Circuito No.15 Report
1974 New Zealand Denny Hulme McLaren-Ford Report
1973 Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus-Ford Circuito No.9 Report
1972 United Kingdom Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford Report
1971 New Zealand Chris Amon Matra Report

Not held
1960 New Zealand Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax Circuito No.2 Report
1959 Not held
1958 United Kingdom Stirling Moss Cooper-Climax Circuito No.2 Report
1957 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati Report
1956 Italy Luigi Musso
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Ferrari Report
1955 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes Report
1954 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati Report
1953 Italy Alberto Ascari Ferrari Report


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