The 1994 Simtek season was Simtek's 1st season as a constructor. Their season was overshadowed by the death of their driver Roland Ratzenberger in qualifying for the San Marino Grand Prix. Among their race drivers was David Brabham, the son of Sir Jack Brabham, who had previously drove for his father's team Brabham and competed in all races this year.


Brazilian Grand PrixEdit

This began Simtek's Formula One campaign. Brabham qualified in 26th place, and Ratzenberger failed to qualify. Brabham finished the race in 12th place.

Pacific Grand PrixEdit

In this race, Ratzenberger finished in 11th and last place, whilst Brabham was out of the Grand Prix by lap 2 after electrical problems.

San Marino Grand PrixEdit

At this race, things took a tragic turn, as during qualifying on April 30, Roland Ratzenberger crashed at the Curva de Villeneuve at high speed suffering a basal skull fracture. He died in the hospital. David Brabham opted to continue racing out of respect for his team-mate. During the race the next day, Williams driver and race leader Ayrton Senna also died after crashing at the Tamburello corner.

Monaco Grand PrixEdit

After the loss of Ratzenberger, Simtek ran just one car for the next race in Monaco. Brabham lasted 45 laps before retiring with engine failure.

Spanish Grand PrixEdit

The team promoted their test driver Andrea Montermini to a race seat, replacing the late Ratzenberger, from this race onward. Sadly, Montermini's season ended before it began after a huge accident in qualifying, breaking his ankles. Brabham qualified in 24th and finished in 10th, running 4 laps down.

Canadian Grand PrixEdit

After the injuries sustained by Montermini which kept him out of the season, Simtek again ran just the one car of Brabham. The Australian finished the race in 14th.

French Grand PrixEdit

Jean-Marc Gounon became Brabham's third-team mate this year, replacing Montermini. He finished his debut race in 9th, whilst Brabham retired again.

British Grand PrixEdit

German Grand PrixEdit

Hungarian Grand PrixEdit

Belgian Grand PrixEdit

Italian Grand PrixEdit

Portuguese Grand PrixEdit

European Grand PrixEdit

Japanese Grand PrixEdit

Australian Grand PrixEdit

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