The 1985 Australian Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held on a street circuit in the city of Adelaide on 3 November 1985. The Australian Grand Prix was the sixteenth and final race of the 1985 FIA Formula One World Championship. It was the 50th running of the AGP and the first to be held on the streets of Adelaide, on a layout specifically designed for the debut of the World Championship in Australia. The race was held over 82 laps of the 3.780 km (2.362 mi) circuit for a total race distance of 310 kilometres.


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The full entry list for the 1985 Australian Grand Prix is outlined below:

No. Driver Entrant Constructor Chassis Engine Model Tyre

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Pre-Race Edit

"Senna really has dominated practice and expects to go away from most people, however Prost as usual didn't qualify terribly well but his car was very good this morning in race trim" - James Hunt. BBC.

Report Edit

"This race is likely to be decided in the last 20 laps, the big problem area here is brakes". - Murray Walker. BBC.

Nigel Mansell snatched the lead into the first corner with Ayrton Senna, Keke Rosberg, Michele Alboreto, Alain Prost, Gerhard Berger, Marc Surer, Patrick Tambay, Elio de Angelis, Nelson Piquet, Eddie Cheever and Thierry Boutsen following. It was a less successful start for the local hero, Alan Jones, who stalled his engine as he attempted to leave the starting blocks. The marshals were on hand to give him a push start, however he was left trailing behind the rest of the pack.

Entering the Wakefield corner, Senna made a lunge to reclaim the lead, succeeding only in pushing Mansell into the gravel and losing position to the second Williams of Rosberg who reclaimed the lead. Mansell rejoined the track in eighth position, however he quickly began to drop further down the field as it was evident he had suffered damage to his car. At the end of the first lap Mansell headed for the pits. The Williams mechanics attempted to repair Mansell's car, however after two laps in the pits he would be forced to exit the car and retire. He had quite simply "blown it" as noted by Murray Walker. His chance to complete a hat trick of wins at the end of the season were run.

"Senna will be very anxious to get past Rosberg as soon as possible, but the Williams-Honda is very quick in a straight line which is probably why Senna was keen to get the jump on Mansell on the first lap. " noted James Hunt. The two leaders of Rosberg and Senna had begun to pull away, leaving Alboreto behind to defend against Prost's McLaren. James Hunt advised to "watch out for Prost, later in the race". Alboreto notably was creating "a bit of a traffic jam" observed Murray Walker as Prost, Berger, Surer and Tambay remained in close proximity to the Ferrari.

Brundle in the Tyrrell then began to drastically slow along the pit straight. He lost a full lap to the leaders before pitting for repairs. James Hunt noting what had been "a pretty unhappy weekend for the Ken Tyrrell team". Senna remained right on the rear of Rosberg's Williams, however as was described by James Hunt, "Senna's problem is that his superiority over Rosberg seems to be on the wrong parts of the circuit. Its going out where they go out onto the faster parts of the circuit, that opportunities to overtake present themselves. He can't pass on the twisty bit unless he can force Rosberg into a mistake. And Keke is pretty experienced, he doesn't have to push at this point".

Rosberg continued to drive conservatively, Murray Walker noting "brakes are going to be the problem. The Williams team are very worried about their ability to finish. This is undoubtedly the toughest course in grand prix racing on brakes". However Walker would further note that "Senna is using carbon fibre brakes that are unlikely to last as long as the steel brakes that Keke Rosberg is using".

Martini made what was described as a "traditional" move from him as he spun his Minardi into the gravel at turn 3. With assistance from the marshalls, Martini was luckily able to be pushed out of the sand trap. There was further controversy added to the race when James Hunt alerted viewers that "there is some discussion as to whether Elio de Angelis departed the grid from exactly the right position. There may be some sort of penalty for De Angelis if he got off from the wrong position".



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