The full results for the 1962 Rand Grand Prix are outlined below:

Pos. No. Driver Entreat Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 1 United Kingdom Jim Clark Team Lotus Lotus-Climax 1:20:47.4 1
2 2 United Kingdom Trevor Taylor Team Lotus Lotus-Climax +0.3 s 2
3 8 United Kingdom John Surtees Bowmaker Racing Team Lola-Climax +23.7 s 4
4 6 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Gary Hocking Reg Parnell Racing Team Lotus-Climax 49 laps 11
5 9 South Africa Neville Lederle Neville Lederle Lotus-Climax 49 laps 8
6 11 South Africa Doug Serrurier Otelli Nucci LDS-Alfa Romeo 48 laps 9
7 12 South Africa Peter de Klerk Otelli Nucci Alfa Romeo 47 laps 13
8 10 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Sam Tingle Sam Tingle LDS-Alfa Romeo 47 laps 19
9 18 South Africa Fanie Viljoen G.E. Mennie LDS-Climax 46 laps 15
10 32 South Africa Brausch Niemann Brausch Niemann Lotus-Ford 46 laps 21
11 7 South Africa Ernie Pieterse Ernie Pieterse Lotus-Climax 46 laps 12
12 17 South Africa Bernard Podmore Grosvenor Motors Lotus-Climax 44 laps 17
13 25 South Africa Gene Bosman Gene Bosman LDS-Alfa Romeo 43 laps 18
14 21 South Africa Bob van Niekerk Equipe Judette Lotus-Climax 40 laps 14
15 4 United States Richie Ginther Owen Racing Organisation BRM 36 laps (Engine) 5
Ret 15 South Africa Tony Maggs John Love Cooper-Climax Gearbox 10
Ret 14 South Africa Syd van der Vyver Syd van der Vyver Lotus-Climax Clutch 7
Ret 5 United Kingdom Innes Ireland UDT Laystall Racing Team Lotus-Climax Front suspension 6
Ret 3 United Kingdom Graham Hill Owen Racing Organisation BRM Gearbox 3
Ret 16 South Africa Mike Harris Mike Harris Cooper-Alfa Romeo Puncture 20
Ret 24 South Africa Adrian Pheiffer Adrian Pheiffer Cooper-Alfa Romeo Gearbox 16
DNQ 19 South Africa Trevor Blokdyk Hoffman Racing Team Cooper-Alfa Romeo
DNQ 27 South Africa Bill Dunlop Bill Dunlop Cooper-Alfa Romeo
DNQ 28 South Africa Tony Kotze Bond Cars Assegai-Alfa Romeo
DNQ 30 South Africa Vern McWilliams Vern McWilliams Lotus-Borgward
DNQ 31 South Africa Peter van Niekerk Ted Lanfear Lotus-Ford
DNQ 33 South Africa Errol Hammon Errol Hammon LDS-Ford
DNQ 34 South Africa Lionel Wilmot Lionel Wilmot Lotus-Ford
DNQ 35 South Africa Clive Trundell Clive Trundell Cooper-Climax
DNQ 36 South Africa Dave Charlton Ecurie Tomahawk Lotus-Ford
DNQ 37 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Dave Riley Dave Riley Cooper-BMC
DNQ 38 South Africa Eric Glasby Eric Glasby Cooper-Alfa Romeo
DNQ 39 South Africa Jack Holme Jack Holme Lotus-Climax
DNQ 40 South Africa Rauten Hartmann Rauten Hartmann Netuar-Peugeot
WD 20 Australia Ray Cresp Hoffman Racing Team Cooper-Alfa Romeo
WD 22 South Africa Neville Austin Neville Austin Cooper-Climax Car driven by Trundell
WD 23 (No driver) Scuderia Lupini Cooper-Maserati[1]
WD 26 South Africa Bruce Johnstone Bruce Johnstone BRM No car
WD 41 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Gary Hocking Gary Hocking Lotus-Climax[2] Driven by another entreat


  1. Scuderia Lupini entered a Cooper-Maserati, but withdrew it without designating a driver.
  2. Gary Hocking was also entered in his own Lotus-Climax, but raced the one entered by the Rob Walker Racing Team.

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