The 1953 British Grand Prix was a Formula Two motor race held on 18 July 1953 at Silverstone Circuit. It was the sixth round of the 1953 World Drivers' Championship, which was run to Formula Two rules in 1952 and 1953, rather than the Formula One regulations normally used. The 90-lap race was won by Ferrari driver Alberto Ascari after he started from pole position. Juan Manuel Fangio finished second for the Maserati team and Ascari's teammate Nino Farina came in third.


With Mike Hawthorn's victory at the French Grand Prix at the previous round of the championship in Reims, Britain had for the very first time enjoyed success in the premier category of grand prix racing. There was great anticipation amongst the British crowd, their leading driver was now second in the championship standings. However he still notably had a 14 points deficit to Ferrari teammate and championship leader, Alberto Ascari.

The top two teams arrived with their usual quartet of drivers as their line-up. Participating for Ferrari as usual were Alberto Ascari, Giuseppe Farina, Luigi Villoresi and Britain's new hero, Mike Hawthorn. There were rumours abound that Ferrari were set to debut a new car at Silverstone, however these amounted to nothing as Ferrari arrived at the circuit with their regular 500 chassis. Maserati likewise were relatively unchanged from Reims and had their own quartet of Juan Manuel Fangio, José Froilán González, Onofre Marimón and Felice Bonetto.

After a disappointing showing at their home grand prix in France, Gordini had cut down to only three cars for Maurice Trintignant, Jean Behra and Harry Schell. There were rumours that the team was developing a new car to combat the performance deficiencies between them and the leading cars of Ferrari and Maserati, however this update had failed to materialise for Silverstone.

There was increased presence from the British contingent for their home grand prix. Aside from their usual line-up of Peter Collins and Lance Macklin, HWM entered an extra two cars for Jack Fairman and Duncan Hamilton. The cars were noted by Motorsport Magazine as looking particularly "tired." 

The Connaught team would enter Prince Bira, Roy Salvadori and Kenneth McAlpine whilst there was further Connaught entries for Ecurie Ecosse with Ian Stewart and Rob Walker with Tony Rolt

Cooper works entrant would see the return of Peter Whitehead in the new Alta engined T24. Stirling Moss was also due to race for the team, however following the break down of his car at Reims, he would be forced to sit out his home grand prix. Ecurie Ecosse also entered a Cooper for Jimmy Stewart.

There was a large presence of privateers for the British Grand Prix. Emmanuel de Graffenried in his Maserati, as well as Louis Rosier entering his Ferrari were among the regular privateers. Despite an uncompetitive performance from Louis Chiron in Reims, he returned to the grid in Britain despite running the unreliable OSCA car.

Entry listEdit

The full entry list for the 1953 British Grand Prix is outlined below:

No. Driver Entrant Constructor Chassis Engine Model Tyre
0 France Louis Rosier Ecurie Rosier Italy Ferrari 500 Ferrari 500 2.0 L4 D
1 United Kingdom Lance Macklin HW Motors HWM 53 Alta GP 2.5 L4 D
2 United Kingdom Peter Collins HW Motors HWM 53 Alta GP 2.5 L4 D
3 United Kingdom Duncan Hamilton HW Motors HWM 53 Alta GP 2.5 L4 D
4 United Kingdom Jack Fairman HW Motors HWM 53 Alta GP 2.5 L4 D
5 Italy Alberto Ascari Scuderia Ferrari Italy Ferrari 500 Ferrari 500 2.0 L4 P
6 Italy Nino Farina Scuderia Ferrari Italy Ferrari 500 Ferrari 500 2.0 L4 P
7 Italy Luigi Villoresi Scuderia Ferrari Italy Ferrari 500 Ferrari 500 2.0 L4 P
8 United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn Scuderia Ferrari Italy Ferrari 500 Ferrari 500 2.0 L4 P

Practice OverviewEdit

Qualifying ResultsEdit




Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 5 Italy Alberto Ascari Italy Ferrari 90 2:50:00 1 8.5
2 23 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Italy Maserati 90 +1:00 4 6
3 6 Italy Nino Farina Italy Ferrari 88 +2 Laps 5 4
4 24 Argentina José Froilán González Italy Maserati 88 +2 Laps 2 3.5
5 8 United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn Italy Ferrari 87 +3 Laps 3 2
6 25 Italy Felice Bonetto Italy Maserati 82 +8 Laps 16  
7 10 Thailand Prince Bira United Kingdom Connaught-Lea-Francis 82 +8 Laps 19  
8 16 United Kingdom Ken Wharton United Kingdom Cooper-Bristol 80 +10 Laps 11  
Ret 18 United Kingdom Jimmy Stewart United Kingdom Cooper-Bristol 79 Spun off 15  
9 20 United Kingdom Peter Whitehead United Kingdom Cooper-Alta 79 +11 Laps 14  
10 9 France Louis Rosier Italy Ferrari 78 +12 Laps 24  
Ret 14 United Kingdom Tony Rolt United Kingdom Connaught-Lea-Francis 70 Halfshaft 10  
Ret 7 Italy Luigi Villoresi Italy Ferrari 65 Axle 6  
Ret 26 Argentina Onofre Marimón Italy Maserati 65 Engine 7  
Ret 19 United Kingdom Alan Brown United Kingdom Cooper-Bristol 56 Overheating 21  
Ret 2 United Kingdom Peter Collins United Kingdom HWM-Alta 56 Spun off 23  
Ret 4 United Kingdom Jack Fairman United Kingdom HWM-Alta 54 Clutch 27  
Ret 12 United Kingdom Roy Salvadori United Kingdom Connaught-Lea-Francis 50 Wheel 28  
Ret 31 Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried Italy Maserati 34 Clutch 26  
Ret 1 United Kingdom Lance Macklin United Kingdom HWM-Alta 31 Clutch 12  
Ret 30 France Jean Behra France Gordini 30 Fuel Pump 22  
Ret 15 United Kingdom Ian Stewart United Kingdom Connaught-Lea-Francis 24 Ignition 20  
Ret 29 France Maurice Trintignant France Gordini 14 Axle 8  
Ret 3 United Kingdom Duncan Hamilton United Kingdom HWM-Alta 14 Clutch 17  
Ret 17 United Kingdom Bob Gerard United Kingdom Cooper-Bristol 8 Suspension 18  
Ret 28 United States Harry Schell France Gordini 5 Electrical 9  
Ret 11 United Kingdom Kenneth McAlpine United Kingdom Connaught-Lea-Francis 0 Water hose 13  
Ret 22 United Kingdom Tony Crook United Kingdom Cooper-Bristol 0 Fuel System 25  


Standings after raceEdit

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