1949 Grand Prix Season
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The 1949 Grand Prix season was the fourth post-war year for Grand Prix racing and the final year before the beginning of the Formula One World Championship. Races were run to a formula which restricted engines to 1.5 litres supercharged or 4.5 litres naturally aspirated; the formula was called Formula A, but would be renamed to Formula One in 1950. There was no organised championship in 1949, although several of the more prestigious races were recognised as Grandes Epreuves by the Association Internationale des Automobiles Clubs Reconnus (AIACR).


Grandes ÉpreuvesEdit

Date Name Circuit Pole Position Fastest lap Winning
15 May United Kingdom British Grand Prix Silverstone Italy Luigi Villoresi Thailand B. Bira Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried Maserati Report
19 June Belgium Belgian Grand Prix Spa-
Italy Luigi Villoresi Italy Giuseppe Farina France Louis Rosier Talbot-Lago-Talbot Report
3 July Switzerland Swiss Grand Prix Bremgarten Italy Giuseppe Farina Italy Giuseppe Farina Italy Alberto Ascari Ferrari Report
17 July France French Grand Prix Reims-Gueux Italy Luigi Villoresi United Kingdom Peter Whitehead Monaco Louis Chiron Talbot-Lago-Talbot Report
Italy Italian Grand Prix Monza Italy Alberto Ascari Italy Alberto Ascari Italy Alberto Ascari Ferrari Report

Drivers' standingsEdit

Pos Driver GBR
United Kingdom
1 Italy Alberto Ascari 3 1 WD 1 21
2 France Louis Rosier 3 1 6 4 Ret 15
3 Thailand B. Bira Ret 5 2 3 13
4 Italy Luigi Villoresi Ret 2 2 Ret Ret 12
5 Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried 1 Ret 7 WD 4 11
6 France Philippe Étancelin 5 Ret 4 Ret 2 11
7 Monaco Louis Chiron Ret 1 9
8 France Raymond Sommer 3 5 5 8
9 United Kingdom Peter Whitehead 8† 4 9 3 Ret 8
10 United Kingdom Bob Gerard 2 6
11 Belgium Johnny Claes 10 5 13 8 2
12 Italy Giuseppe Farina Ret Ret Ret Ret 2
13 United Kingdom David Hampshire 4† 1.5
14 United Kingdom Billy Cotton 4† 1.5

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